A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Chaos Party is a party-game where the rules are ever changing.

Chaos Party was made using Godot Engine, Godot Engine is covered under the MIT License.

All art and font is attributed to www.kenney.nl.


  • Austin Mack (madhattah99.itch.io) - gameplay programming, UI programming, and UI setup, start game mechanics, movement
  • Will Nations (willnationsdev.itch.io) - gameplay programming, rules programming, score management, UI


  • Score points by picking up balls!
  • Can only pick up 1 of each color ball, 4 balls in total
  • Rules change every 20 seconds
  • Rules can be changed by the player, by pressing the Circle or B buttons on a controller or V or shift on the keyboard (V for Player 1 and Shift for Player 2)


  • PS4/Xbox Controller Compatable
    • Press Cross and A to join the game
    • Move with the left joystick
    • Change the rules by pressing Circle or B
    • Leave the game by pressing Circle or B (before game starts)
  • Two-Player Keyboard
    • Press [B] to join as Player 1 and [Ctrl] to join as Player 2
    • Player 1 moves with the W,A,S,D keys
    • Leave the game by pressing:
      • Player 1 leaves by pressing [V] (before game starts)
      • Player 2 leaves by pressing [Shift] (before game starts)
    • Player 2 moves with the arrow keys
    • Change the rules to potentially put them in your favor by pressing:
      • Player1: V
      • Player2: [Shift]

Install instructions

If you need support, please contact austinmack@gmail.com


ChaosParty.zip 15 MB
ChaosParty-Linux.zip 16 MB


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I would love to play your game but I am running Linux. Could you export a Linux version? I would really appreciate it.

I have uploaded a Linux version, let me know if you have any issues, as I am unable to test it!

9.7/10 - Traffle Gaming Periodical